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Hessian Sacks and Bags

Hessian sacks, also known as jute sacks, or more commonly as burlap sacks in the US, are excellent bags for many uses. The material that these bags are made out of, which is called hessian or jute, is a material that is rough, rugged, usable many times over, and is also environmentally friendly.



The most common use for bags like this is in the vegetable industry, especially that relating to potatoes. Potatoes are commonly shipped in bags like these (hence the term hessian potato sacks), mostly due to their ruggedness, but also due to their inexpensive price. Due to their environmentally friendly nature, there are also more and more fashionable hessian shopping and tote bags hitting the market.

There are many sizes available in hessian bags of this sort, and there are several different colors used on them to make them stand out. These include full-bright color, super-bright color, bleached color, and dying. They can also be printed on with information. They are just spectacular bags for what they are, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to haul potatos, other vegetables, or other heavy items in a bag like this.

Hessian sacks and bags are used all over the world, but two of the biggest users of these types of bags are the UK and the Unites States. The most common way to order these sacks is in a short run, but there are also many farmers and companies that need to order hundreds at a time, including major potato growing farmers and shipping companies who deal with the yield from these farms.


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Most large orders of potatoes are either shipped in these hessian bags, or in plastic bags. It seems like it really just depends on the company, though it does seem like, usually, the larger packages of potatos (50 lb or more) are almost always packaged in hessian sacks.

Usually, hessian bags can be bought from a variety of companies, so this is definitely a product that you are going to want to shop around for before buying. You can usually get a better price if you compare all of your options, but you might wonder where to find hessian sacks for sale? Well, the internet is always a good option, and in this case, it might be your best option!

         hessian sack        hessian sacks

You can usually find all of the major retailers on the internet anyway, but you might also find some smaller ones that you have never heard of before. Short runs by small companies on the internet can sometimes give you the best prices for hessian sacks, even if these companies do not have some of the fancy tools offered by the bigger businesses.

Hessian bags are useful for many, many purposes. If you are thinking that you will need some of these, then they can be had, but you are not probably going to be able to find them by just walking into your local feed store....that is, not in any bulk quantities.

Another thing to consider is whether you actually need volume, or just one or two sacks? If you only need one or two, then you actually might be able to pick one up at your local feed store. But if you need more than just a couple hessian sacks, ordering online is going to be more than your best bet!

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